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Trust Building for High Performing Teams

These is a program for high performing teams based on the ITTI assessment tool developed by Worldwork. This a not a typical team building session, it is rather a trust building program based on scientific trust research.

Trust and Team Performance

Trust is the foundation for high performance teams. Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between levels of trust within teams and their ability to work effectively. Stimulating high levels of trust in teams increases an organization’s competitive advantage. The benefits of having a committed group of individuals all striving to achieve a given target cannot be over- stated.  Increasingly, business leaders recognize the critical importance of trust as the engine for productivity in the high speed, high stakes global marketplace. Trust has been called the “performance multiplier” and “the main thing” in elevating individuals, teams and organizations to meet the business challenges of innovation, speed, quality, and loyalty, both internally, with employees, and externally, with customers, constituents, suppliers.

What happens if trust isn´t there?

The most common consequences are communication breakdown, low productivity, resistance to change, lack of innovation, high turnover, and the formation of internal cliques/political groups.


The Brazilian cultural aspects of building trust

For organizations investing in the Brazilian market. It is important to consider that interactions in Brazil have always been historically characterized by social paradoxes and ambivalence. The Brazilian indirect communication style is a consequence of chronically unequal social relations imposed over the centuries and acts almost as a social survival mechanism. In this unique high context culture, project implementation and global alignment can be hindered by not only this indirect communication style but also by the aversion to laws and regulation and a very flexible concept of time.

One of the most challenging aspects of the Brazilian business culture however lies in the general tendency to avoid open conflicts regarding delays and problems in general. This characteristic tends to create confusions and mistrust especially among global executives and multicultural teams.

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