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Apparently insignificant, basic human needs for belonging, approval, trust and purpose go unnoticed for both individuals and organizations. Helping you and your team to grow out of mud, to evolve constructively and to align efforts towards concrete results are our mission.

Psychotherapy & Coaching

We feel often stuck or go in circles with our own personal development. Adult stagnation can show up in the form of impostor syndrome, depression, addictions or just the feeling of ´doing more of the same´ in life.

The benefits of working on yourself with the help of psychotherapy (to look into your past) or coaching (to create your vision from now to the future) can be life changing:

  • You will benefit from a non-judgmental & safe space for you to share your thoughts, perceptions, fears, limiting beliefs, and the vision you want to create together with a professional with over 20 years’ experience.
  • You will benefit from an integral methodology which accompany you through the journey of adult development. Each of the four phases of adult development has its own subject/object dynamic and its challenges & opportunities.
  • You will benefit from going beyond traditional cognitive and behavioral approaches into the discovery of your essence/soul, higher purpose and spiritual transformational levels of adult development.


Join our workshops with other mature individuals in small groups to dive deeper into self-reflection, sharing and empowerment in these areas:

If you are interested in participating or want to invite me to your event contact me here.

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