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Simone Torres Costa

MSc. Psychology | MBA| ACC-ICF Coach

Portugal is the 6th country I live in after Brazil, USA, Sweden, Poland, Italy. My journey has been intense in all senses (personal, professional, cultural, and spiritual). Growing up and fighting my egoic fallbacks has been the only way forward.

All challenges and experiences make sense when I have the privilege of becoming your psychotherapist/coach or when I facilitate a workshop with a group of people ready to take the next step in life.

I am passionate about adult development as well as the journey of overcoming stagnation, depression, addictions simply sharing and celebrating your liberation.

I love the concept authenticity, or the art of becoming ourselves. Seeing you flourish and finding the direction of light, kindness, and purpose make me a better person.

Broad international experience in multidisciplinary projects in USA, Sweden, Poland, Italy and Portugal:

  • Educational programs applying Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) for behavioral challenging students for the City of Malmo, Sweden as a Social Pedagogue.
  • Leadership and organizational development projects for large international companies in cooperation with TCO International.
  • Coaching for expatriate transition into the Swedish Working Market in collaboration with Global Connection.
  • Seminars and workshops for HR professionals, for international schools, for expatriate families & children, and for Brazilians working abroad.

University Degrees

Lund University
Sweden– Master’s in Psychology – June 2016

Lund University
Sweden– MBA/MBL –Master of Business Affairs in European Business Administration and Business Law.

Professional Courses

Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) with Ph. D Ross Greene 2019 Malmo Sweden

Integrated Coaching Institute (ICI) – International programsaccredited by ICF:

  • Life and Executive Coach – International Certification Program
  • Senior Coaching Program
  • Career Coaching program


Speaker at Family in Global Transition (FIGT) conference 2010 in Houston USA; and in 2018 in The Hague Holland


The Intercultural Adaptation of Global People – research survey with over 700 participants – MSc. Psychology Program at Lund University


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